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Atlas Copco lubricants are engineered with the exact right selection of additives that interact in just the right proportion to obtain optimal performance. The additives not only support the base lubrication requirements, they also interact in multi processes in the compressor.

All our efforts are aimed at optimizing the performance of your Atlas Copco compressor for the longest lifetime at the lowest operating cost.

The experts in our laboratories are uniquely skilled in specifying lubricant properties for Atlas Copco compressors to operate optimally in a wide range of settings and conditions, during several thousands of hours.

Atlas Copco lubricants are a unique blend of chemical properties, engineered for optimal performance in their dedicated functions.

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oAtlas Copco Fluids for screw compressors

Roto-Inject Fluid

Atlas Copco Roto-Inject Fluid is specially formulated to protect your GA-GX rotary screw compressors and neutralize pollution. It guarantees the longest lifetime, trouble free, with constant performance, at the best operating cost.

Years of experience on thousands of types of Atlas Copco equipment have proven Roto-Inject Fluid to match all lubrication demands in varied conditions. It boasts an extended service interval of up to 4 000 hours for operation in a mild environment. This is critical to achieve the best reliability and reduce the service lifetime cost.

Roto-Inject Fluid (64kB, Pdf document) - Download

oRoto-Xtend Duty Fluid

When your air compressors need to perform at top capacity, only the Atlas Copco lubricant is good enough. That’s why it pays to use Roto-Xtend Duty Fluid. Atlas Copco superior performance long life PAO oil, specifically developed for use in Atlas Copco oil injected screw compressors.

Based on synthetic hydrocarbons and special additives, our engineered
8 000 hour lubricant has proven its ability to meet all lubrication demands under widely varying conditions. Roto-Xtend Duty Fluid increases compressor reliability, reduces lifetime operating costs and makes your equipment last longer.

Roto-Xtend Duty Fluid (184kB, Pdf document) - Download

Roto-Food Grade Fluid

oRoto-Foodgrade Fluid is a high performance fluid specifically designed for use in oil injected screw compressors operating in the food and beverage and packing industry. National and international regulations specify strict manufacturing standards regarding contamination risk management in this industry.

Our Roto foodgrade is based on a careful blend of synthetic fluids and additives that meet these stringent requirements , allowing for active Critical Control Points management (in an HACCP system) and providing increased customer confidence in the food products' safety.

Roto-Food Grade Fluid (106kB, Pdf document) - Download

Atlas Copco Fluids for piston compressors

oPiston compressors pose extreme demands to lubricants: the high compression temperature - possibly exceeding 150°C (300°F) - pressures up to 20 bar, condensation - typically during low cycle load - and dust contamination in installations that are not optimally maintained.

Traditional lubricants cannot cope with these extreme conditions, resulting in fast oil degradation, overheating and potentially irreversible damage and high repair costs. Therefore, high performing lubricants increase the equipment lifetime. The Atlas Copco Piston Fluid has been developed as a high resistance lubricant, withstanding severe conditions, with a long service interval and superior performance.

Considering the low oil content in piston compressors, often less than 2 liters, the economy of lesser quality oils simply is not worth the risk.

Piston Fluid (56kB, Pdf document) - Download

oRoto-Z Lubricants

Roto-Z is a high quality lubricant, uniquely tailored to the specific requirements of the Atlas Copco Z-compressors. Its special formulation yields top performance and maximum lifetime of all moving parts. Reliability is safeguarded and equipment availability is maximal.

Roto-Z is cost-effective too: drain intervals are doubled in comparison
to conventional lubricants.
Roto-Z incorporates the functional benefits of a preservative mineral
oil, which allows for an extended on-site storage of several months.

Roto-Z (71kB, Pdf document) - Download

Recip Oil

oRecip Oil is a unique lubricant, especially created for Atlas Copco oil-free reciprocating compressors and boosters. The special blend provides optimum lubrication for high pressure applications and guarantees top performance and maximum durability of all moving parts. This improved reliability translates into maximum equipment uptime.

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