Without proper treatment, compressed air contains solid, liquid and gaseous contaminants which reduce the efficiency of your compressed air system and my have environmental impacts.

Oil/water condensate separators

Water separators and drains

OSCi: Oil/water condensate separator (integrated in GA 37+-55, GA 55+-90).

oscAtlas Copco´s OSCi integrated condensate separator efficiently removes oil from condensate, delivering water which is harmless and can be disposed in a sewage system. The first tower oleophilic filter sinks by gravity as it adsorbs oil. The second tower filter breaks stable emulsion and prevents bacterial growth. The third tower carbon filter eliminates remaining oil content before condensate disposal. The OSCi is available as an option or as a retrofit kit.

Customer benefits

Flexible installation — OSCi is compatible with all kind of condensates including stable emulsion. Standard multiple inlets collect all possible condensate from the compressor: cooler, dryer and filters.

Solid reliability — The overflow alarm sensor monitors the condensate level, the service alarm sensor monitors saturation of the buoyant 1st tower filter.

Certified efficiency — OSCi is approved by the DIBT (Deutsches Institut Für Bautechnik). It builds on the proven efficiency of the patented OSC technology. Innovative second stage filtration and aeration prevent bacteria formation and break the emulsion.

Advanced control and monitoring — Alarms are clearly displayed on Elektronikon®, which is compatible with AirConnect™. A test drain located on the compressor side panel allows easy control with a turbidity sample bottle.

Easy maintenance — Clean exchange thanks to a service kit including the three filters. Water removal is a simple process through standard tower bottom drains.

brochure OSCi (3188kB, Pdf document) - Download

Technical Specifications
Max. inlet flow
667 cfm
44 lb
Oil outlet content <15
Outlet drain inner diameter 19/G 3/4 mm


OSD and OSC: Oil/water condensate separators

oAtlas Copco’s OSD and OSC condensate separators efficiently separate the oil from the water in condensates. The harmless water is drained away and the oil disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. The OSD condensate treatment package is fully integrated into the compressor, reducing both installation costs and complexity. The OSC free standing units can separate all kinds of condensate from all compressor technologies, giving unparalleled performance and reliability for minimal maintenance.

Customer benefits of the OSD integrated solution:

High efficiency separation for worry-free condensate discharge

Performance independent of filter age

No installation required, saving time and money

Zero footprint, saving space and simplifying placing


Minimal maintenance, reducing lifetime costs

Simple, fast and clean cartridge exchange.

Benefits of the OSC free-standing units:

No oil collection bottle required, so no chance to ruin previously separated condensate

Multiple oil condensate can be easily separated

Polyglycol condensate can be separated

Most condensate emulsions can be separated.

Brochure OSC/OSD (874kB, Pdf document) - Download

Technical Specifications
36 - 14620 cfm
9 - 132 lbs


WSD 25-750 / WD 80 / EWD 50-1500: Water separators and drains

drAtlas Copco’s WSD water separators are delivered as standard with our HD and TD after-coolers. They can also be installed in any point of your air net. The WD 80 drain valve provides completely automatic drainage of the condensate which collects at the bottom of the air receiver. The range of EWD electronically controlled condensate drains provides safe, dependable and economical condensate management.

Customer benefits

Minimal maintenance – Maintenance-free with no moving parts, the water separators have an automatic and manual drain.

High reliability – The reliable automatic drain devices prevent condensed water from building up in the coolers.

Energy savings – The intelligent drain function monitors condensate build-up with liquid level sensors and evacuates the condensate only when necessary, thus avoiding wastage of compressed air and giving considerable energy savings.

Flexible installation – A wide range of different EWD drains is available for oil contaminated condensate and also may be provided with additional hard coating for use with oil-free and aggressive condensate.

Brochure air treatment (332kB, Pdf document) - Download

Technical Specifications
Maximum working pressure
290 - 913 psi
5.2 - 11 inch
Width 2.6 - 10 inch
Height 4.5 - 11 inch
Weight 1.5 - 13 lbs

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